The artwork features a omnigeometry fibonacci spiral vortex known as a Torus.

A beautiful holographic gold, metallic detailing on glass balanced with auroral red rings capturing patterns of light.

The torus consist of 66 circles, which exhibit phi relationships in their proportions.


Handcrafted on glass with delicate red and gold  polychromatic metallic films and mounted in a minimalist white wooden frame with an exchangeable backing.

 The "Torus" artpiece is an array of symmetrical designs that adds character and style to a room in the home or workplace. 


The metallic film medium catches the light in a stunning way and changes it’s appearance with intensity of the interior illumination adding an extra dimension to any space.


Every piece of artwork is designed and handmade by Mefio Studio - resulting in slight variations and tiny imperfections in some areas. This is a normal result of the hand foiling process and original artwork.