on Invisible Glass

Quantix artwork is inspired by points of experience of this reality. The three-dimensional world we live in is an array of memories neatly aligned in space and time. 

Quantix depicts points of dots aligned in a three-dimensional cube that change colour spectrum in various lighting conditions. 


Handcrafted on Invisible glass with delicate holographic metallic film and mounted in a minimalist white wooden frame with an exchangeable black backing.

 The "Quantix" artpiece is an array of dots forming a symmetrical cube geometry.


The metallic film medium catches the light in a stunning way and changes its appearance with the intensity of the interior illumination adding an extra dimension to any space.


Holographic Silver

Holographic Pink

Holographic Sky Blue


  • SQ4  (280 x 330 mm)              £1000


The artwork is complemented by its minimalist white frame and interchangeable black background and will come carefully packed and shipped in a sturdy cardboard box.