Vivid iridescent colours and hypnotic patterns inspired by symmetry and mathematics lay at the core of Zuzana Chandler's intricate artwork.
Refractions, reflections and fractals found in nature have all helped Zuzana forge an individual approach to creating her contemporary designs which command closer inspection.
The holographic, metallic materials shimmer brightly when in direct or indirect lighting conditions and create a mesmerising and immersive effect.

Zuzana's technique of metallic film overlay is derived from a combination of gilding, decals, foiling and carefully applied glazes-
a special blending of techniques which make Mefio artworks so unique. 

She has a studio space at home in Kingston where she can relax, listen to music and regularly experiment with 
ideas and new materials.

Graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2008 with a BA in Modelmaking, she was interested in artwork from a young age and has gained experience with many materials such as metals, resins, ceramics and computer-generated artwork. 
These invaluable skills later contributed to the founding of a successful online business specialising in wedding favours and decorative glassware.  Mefio studio was a natural progression and creative outlet for Zuzana's interest and passion for creating original artworks.